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I have put together boxes of the most beautiful Scrapbooking things, co-ordinated and perfectly themed. Each box will also include at least one inspiration project with notes. There will still be LOADS of products left over for you to create your own Epic designs!

Each month will include different products by different manufacturers and suppliers. You will receive a great deal more than R500’s worth of goodies in every box. I will also hand pick a decadent treat for you to enjoy while you unwrap and discover all your new gorgeous items!

Only very limited boxes will be packed, you are welcome to pre-order to avoid missing out.

Boxes are couriered nationwide. All wrapped up and waiting to be opened and enjoyed!!

What our Customers have to say

Dearest Kyla and Scrap Affairs Team, Your November subscription box just arrived at my door.... YAHOO!!! Once again i am delighted.... blown away and wonderfully surprised. The care and thought that has gone into each and everyone i have received remains at the same amazing high standard. Well jolly done, it cannot always be easy..... thank you tons for every effort thought planning care and excellent work.
Monthly Subscriber
Received my Subscription Box today. Oh my word, it is fabulous. Thanks so much.​
Debbie Minnaar
Scrapper & Bible Journaler
Received my Subscription Box today. Oh my word, it is fabulous. Thanks so much.​
Mike Stuart
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